Making of a Masterpiece


Every piece of seating crafted at Chester's contains the desire to exceed the purpose it was created for. The solid hardwood framework and strong cotton webbing, the composite springs and elastic suspensions together ensure long lasting support. Several layers of different padding are laid out to create just the right contours for the body allowing for exceptional comfort and making it ergonomically correct.

What goes into a Chester's seat is most certainly not apparent to the naked eye. The following will describe in some detail how precisely we have replicated history to recreate these masterpieces:
The Frame  

This is seen as the foundation of the piece and thus, it is made using superior seasoned hardwood like Beech/Hard/Pine etc. This delays and limits the inevitable wear and tear of the furniture, like warping, bending, cracking and 
termite problems.

The Webbing

This is the component that bears most of the load and is specially woven from high-strength cotton yarn and fixed to the frame using pneumatically driven steel staples. This webbing is expected to provide firm support through the life of a Chester's seat.
The Suspension  

Firm with a soft bounce is what makes the suspension springs a key element. Sinuous, coil, preformed or composite- they come in various shapes and sizes. They must be able to recoil to their original form over and again despite the loads they are subjected to. Springs are substituted with imported heavy-duty 
elastic tapes for a softer feel.

The Padding

Over the basic frame, webbing and suspension assembly are several layers of padding to absorb the incessant impact of regular wear and tear. Layer upon layer of fine choir matting, multi-density high resilience polyurethane foam, felt and textile covering (all hand crafted) gives each piece itís distinctive shape and contour. The padded layers are fastened to the frame with steel staples. Critical points on the contour are strengthened by the use of ultra high-density foam profiles to outline the form and give many years of use without the seat losing its original shape.
The Upholstery

Finally the furniture is covered using the chosen upholstery, be it leather or fabric, cut by hand to preset patterns and sewn together using state of the art materials and machines.

Specially designed accessories and embellishments are added to give the finishing touches to the masterpiece.